How does the RIDE SAFE bracelet work?

In case of an accident where your emergency information is required, a ‘first responder’ (can be anyone from a friend, family member, or trained medical staff) will access the website from their phone or computer (www.teamridesafe.com). The website is found on the last line of the face plate of every bracelet.

On the home page of the website, the first responder can input your last name and ID code (located on the back of the face plate). Entering this information will automatically load your medical information and emergency contacts so you can be cared for in a fast, safe, and secure manner. Remember that the first responded can only READ your secure medical information because only you will know the password that can access the ‘edit medical history’ page.

What happens if I lose my bracelet?

We have definitely considered what would need to happen if you lose your bracelet. If the bracelet is completely lost, you will have to buy a new one ($35), but we can get it to you very quickly. Personally, I have three bracelets just for that reason!! (and to be sure they match my outfits!!)

What happens if I break my bracelet?

If you break the silicone band or clasp, we have spare parts available. Again, we considered that once you have a bracelet, you will need it every day!! So, if something happens, we can replace the parts as soon as possible. There is a charge of $10 for replacement of silicone band and clasp.

Can I trim my bracelet?

Yes! Watch this tutorial on trimming and assembling your bracelet.

Can I get additional bracelet colors so that I can swap out my face plate?

Sure! If you want to have more than one color bracelet, you can either buy multiple bracelets, or purchase one bracelet ($35) and then buy additional silicone bands with clasp for $10 so you can have more than one color, but not pay for multiple face plates.

How long after I order my bracelet will I get it?

It takes 2-3 weeks to get your bracelet. Each one is custom made and because we are dealing with medical information, we want to be absolutely sure everything is correct!! If there are any mistakes, simply email us and we will resolve the issue right away.

Where is my medical ID code found?

The ID code is on the underside of the face plate where it contacts the skin. This way, first responders can find it easily but it is not so readily available that anyone looking at your bracelet could find it.

What does the yearly subscription cost?

First year’s subscription is included with the original bracelet order. After the first year, need to renew subscription $5.00 per year. Please add us to your email Contact List.  We will email yearly a reminder to renew subscription.

How do I access my medical information?

As a Ride Safe team member, you will generate a password that will allow you to edit and access your medical info on the medical information page of the website. So, once you are registered, you have an account. That account will allow you to edit your general profile (the information engraved on the plate), medical profile (complete medical history), and change your password.

Is my medical information secure?

There are two ways that the medical information is secure. There is a separate server that holds all the medical data. The server is hosted in a highly secured data center with round the clock monitoring and Firewalls. The browser sessions from your computer to the website are also encrypted with a SSL certificate. On top of it all we have also encrypted your Medical data in the database so no one else can see your medical data apart from you. Also, the password that you generate is the only way to change the medical information. Additionally, the only medical information added is data that is important to know in an emergency. Therefore, what you put in the medical database is what you choose to add and is protected by your password. We therefore encourage you to use strong passwords.

How many lines can I have on my ID plate?

There is a maximum of 6 lines on the face plate. The first line must be your name and the last line must be the website (www.teamridesafe.com). You may have less than six lines if you choose. There are a maximum of 24 characters per line.

What is the bracelet made of?

The band is a non-allergenic silicone with stainless steel clasp and face plate.

Is there a discount for buying multiple bracelets?

No, at this point, we do not offer a discount for buying more than one bracelet.

What are the United States Pony Club Requirements for the face plate?

As of January 2015, the Pony Club rule requires 6 items to be engraved on the face plate (in no particular order other than the name on the first line): – Name (first and last) – Date of birth – Allergies – Current medication – Medical conditions – Emergency contact (name and phone number)