Bracelet ID:

(ID code found on back side of face plate, All ID codes start with a zero (0)

RIDE SAFE is a sports medical ID bracelet that is designed to be worn all day every day by equestrians on or off the farm working with or around horses. In addition, it is also designed to eventually replace the current medical armbands worn in eventing to create an easier and more comfortable medical ID.

When an emergency happens, time is critical and the RIDE SAFE ID bracelet will allow first responders, friends, and family immediate access to your secure medical history and contact information to facilitate rapid medical response and therapy.

Every Day, Every Ride, Every Time, RIDE SAFE!

Words from a First Responder !

I truly hope that EVERY rider gets one of these!! As a First Responder, I’ve had the unfortunate occasion to tend to injured riders. In times of emergency where essential medical information is essential when providing Advanced Life Support, even parents can forget or provide inaccurate medical information while under the stress of seeing their child injured and unconscious. While not everyone might need a MedicAlert Bracelet, EVERY RIDER should wear a Ride Safe Bracelet. IT MIGHT JUST SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!
-Ernest Ralston
• Chief Paramedic/Chief Instructor at Center for Asymmetrical Emergency Medicine and Training Services, Inc.

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